"Mommy, Mommy."

If you’ve had the privilege of having babies you might have had people tell you how much your life is about to get turned upside down.  I used to laugh inside when people told me that.  I used to think, actually, my life is about to get turned Right Side Up.  Having Gem has been such a blessing in my life, my husbands, my family, and my friends.  She truly is a Gem, yes, I know I’m her Mother so of course I’ll say that, but it really is true, lol.  Please enjoy my Gem for this week. 

When you have little ones about you expect to get woke up in the middle of the night.  When Gem was younger she would cry to wake me up to her needs.  Now she calls out “Mommy, Mommy”.  My husband told me one day that he thought it was so adorable how she calls out my name like that.  I wasn’t in one of my more graceful moods and my response to him was, “Yeah, adorable, let’s see how adorable it is when she calls out Daddy, Daddy at 3 am.”  Let me tell you, the Lord let me experience that one night a couple months ago.  I giggle about it every time I think of it.  We hear movement on the baby monitor, and I’m ready to hear her say “Mommy, Mommy…”, but, BUT this time she says, “Daddy, Daddy” I know I must have had an evil grin on my face when I rolled over to my hubby.  “Hey, that’s YOU!” I said nudging him ever so gently on his leg.  Oh how I enjoyed every second of that, lol!  Now if you ask him he’ll tell you I totally pushed him out of bed, but don’t listen to him, I ‘ever so gently’ did it, lol!  He was very graceful at this point.  He didn't say anything to me, or get up all huffy puffy.  He just got right up and went to his little girl.  How sweet that is in my memory of that night. 

I remember the first time Gem slept through the night.  I woke up about 4am in a panic.  “Something’s wrong!”  I thought.  "My little girl hasn’t called out for me tonight."  I check on her and she is fine, all snuggled up with her blanket, so peaceful.  I take a deep breath and head back to bed.  When you are used to getting up with your little one it’s a nice gift to get a full nights sleep, but looking back on that I wonder if the Lord does that with us.  I wonder if he looks at us and says, “Something’s wrong! My child isn’t calling out for me anymore.”  Have you ever gotten to that point?  Where you’re not calling out to the Lord anymore because you are all grown up, and don’t need his help?  I know I have, but Praise God he is always there for us when we do call on him.  Praise God that no matter what we are going through He can handle what we have to say.  It DOES NOT matter what it is.  He can handle our anger, our tears, our fears.  What’s important is that we are calling out to our Father in heaven.  When we are doing that He will, like my husband did, go to his child. 

My life truly has been turned right side up since Gem was born.  I am so honored that the Lord would pick me and my husband out of everyone that has ever lived and everyone that ever will live.  The Lord picked us to be her Mommy and Daddy.  How sweet that is in my life. 

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


  1. So touching. But I do love that "Daddy" got up and went to her! I think I had a similar grin to yours on my face as I read that.

    1. He really had no choice! LOL! Just kidding, when he got in there she did see him and ask for me, but he picked her up and took her to the rocking chair and back to sleep she went. Melts my heart when I think back on it :)


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