Seeing Jesus in Easter Eggs

This is my attempt at a blog :)  hopefully you can find encouragement here to look for Gems from God in your everyday life.  Please enjoy my first post about my daughter Gem (22 months old) and her first experience hunting Easter eggs, and how the Lord spoke to me through my little Gem from God.

Thinking back about this past Wednesday when Gem and I were at Mother’s.  We dyed eggs and did an egg hunt.  Not really hiding them of course, just placing them here and there on the grass along the path we would lead her on.  We gave her a basket, lined with paper towels, I turned on my video camera on my phone and off we went to the back yard.  “Gem look for the Easter eggs, find them baby, do you see any?” I said to her as we walked.  Her eyes darted here and there looking for those eggs, eager and excited, hopeful that she would find one.  Then seeing one ahead of us on the grass, her eyes lit up and she ran to the egg, “Found one!” she screamed and laughed.  Putting that egg in the basket she looked back to me and Nana asking, “More?”  “Keep looking.”  I said.  And again, seeing one she runs to the egg, “Found another one!” .  It was so adorable watching her find those eggs.  How happy she was to find them, and how joyfully she ran to them when she found them. 

I can see a couple things about Gem finding those eggs that speaks to me.  Like how we are supposed to seek and find the Lord.  How like those eggs were just out there in the open along the path we were leading her, The Lord can be seen along our paths that he is leading us on.  Just out there in the open.  Peaceful and quite like those eggs, just waiting to be seen, beautiful in color and decorated with care, each one specially place there for us to find, BUT do we, like my sweet little Gem, RUN to the Lord when we see him?  Do we see where he wants us to go and just run there joyful and laughing, excited that we looked and found. (Luke 11:9)  Saying, “ Yes, Lord, I see you!  Thank you!”  That’s a good question…do I do that?

Then I also see how the Lord runs to us.  He meets us where we are at.  How he opens his arms and takes us into his “basket” with truth, love, and care.  Excited that WE found him and how there is singing in heaven “over one sinner that repents.” (Luke 15:10) Praise God for his love for us. Praise God for what he lets me see in my everyday life.  How lovely is the Lord and how beautifully he can speak to me.  How beautifully he can speak to all of us if we just seek him. 

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


  1. This is absolutely fabulous and encouraging for anyone who read it. Love you Sis!!! <3

    1. Thank you sissy! You were an inspiration to me with your blog :) Love you!

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it! Love the title!!!!!! So sweet! Made me cry! Thank you for so beautifully and simply inspiring us with God's Love!! Can't wait to read your next blog!!


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