Midnight Moments

Every Mama knows the moment I’m about to describe.  It’s midnight or a little after, you are snuggled up warm and cozy in your bed and a little voice breaks through on the baby monitor, “Mommy!”  Your eyes spring open, and you lay there a moment, hoping and praying that your little gem drifts back to sleep.  Sometimes the Lord answers those prayers and sometimes…He doesn’t.  This particular EARLY morning He did not.

“Mommy...I need to go potty!” Squeaks a sleepy voice at me.  In my world that usually means that she’s already gone potty and her bed usually wet.  I roll my pregnant self out of bed stepping on a Big Bird stuffed animal she left in our room the night before, and I make my way to my folding table…which in my house is my dining room table.  Feeling through my load of towels that I washed, but didn’t put away, and I locate my robe.  “Mommy…I need to go potty!” She says a little more awake and upset.  Chasing myself in a circle looking for my tie to tie my robe, like a dog chasing its tail, she calls out again. “Mommy…I want some milk.”  Not finding my robe tie I wrap up and head to her room.  Sitting down on the edge of her bed, and feeling around I don’t feel a wet spot.  Her night time diaper was wet so I changed that, and got her some milk.  Stopping by my “folding table” again on the way back from the fridge to locate my lost robe tie, I’m praying, “Lord…please let her go right back to sleep.  This pregnant mommy is tired.”  Giving Gem her sippy cup I put my hands on the bed to lean down to kiss her, one on each side of her, and I find the wet spot that she must have been laying on. “Okay…plan B.” I say to myself.  I gather her up…sippy in one hand, and bunny blanket in the other, and make my way to my bed.  This is usually something my hubby doesn’t like since he gets the feet in the face while I get to snuggle with her sweet little face, BUT…this pregnant mommy is tired and wants to get to sleep as soon as I can, but by this time I was pretty awake and irritated because I knew I wasn’t going to get to bed for another hour or even more.  Once I’m awake in the middle of the night it takes me forever to get back to sleep, and by the time I usually get back to sleep my alarm goes off 30 minutes later!  Anyone else know how I feel?!?!  In my room I settle her in bed and lay down on my side next to her.  I’m far enough through my pregnancy that I cannot sleep on my back anymore, which is my preferred position.  As I settle in she turns and snuggles up to me.  She puts her head on my chest, and curls her little body around my baby belly.  Her knees fit perfectly under the “bump” and into the bend at my hips, leaving her little toes to tickle my legs.  I can’t help but melt at that point.  There is something about sharing snuggle time with your babies.  As she drifts back to sleep her little body starts to twitch, her nerves firing through her muscles remembering the movements of the day.  A leg moves here, an arm moves there, her little toes wiggle on my legs.  At that point I’m enjoying the moment.  I can’t help but touch her, and I start to stroke her hair, and touch her soft little cheeks with my fingers.  At one point she reached out and put her hand on my cheek.  It didn’t stay there long, but slowly I began to relax, and start to head towards sleep again.  At that point the little Gem in my belly begins to do his or her own little midnight dance.  Little rolls, twitches, and kicks.  Swooshes, and twirls fill my belly, and I forget about sleep.  At that moment I can’t help but worship God.  How amazing it was to feel my babies dancing together.  How amazing is our God.  He “knits us together in our mother’s womb” and we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  ~Psalm 139:13-14 NIV  The next line in that Psalm says His “works are wonderful.”  How wonderful it was for me to experience that midnight moment of mommy worship.  Most times we can be so caught up in what we want that we can fail to experience the Lord in a way that only a Mommy can.  I thank God for the midnight moment, and I know, with baby #2 on the way, I will have many other midnight moments.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Peace, Love, & God Bless.    


  1. Oh I need a box of tissues!!!!!
    I love you Sissy!!!

  2. Warms my heart! Just had my 9th grandchild! So happy!

    1. How exciting! Thank you for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Happy New Year!

  3. Columbus airport ....breakfast french toast ...A lil sweeter with precious memories and grateful tears...you are blessed and a blessing.

    1. Be safe and thank you. See you when you get home. Love you!


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