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Clutter, and clutter, and clutter....OH MY!

While I was at work the other morning I grabbed my purse to get my hair brush out, and while I was looking for my brush I found everything but the kitchen sink, then I found my brush.“Good grief” I thought…I didn’t even know I had this stuff in my purse.
Being the picture taking person that I am here ya go.

"Mommy, I need you."

This past Sunday we had a special worship service.Our church is located down town on “the island” where we live and this past weekend our town had their annual art show.They block off streets and had all kinds of vendors and such selling their goodies.We have a pretty small “church” parking lot and most people park away from the church a block or so and walk.With the art show going on you need to get up at 6 am to get a parking spot.It really gets packed out.Having service like we usually do would have been difficult, and we have done it in the past, but with our church growing like it is we have recently purchased property for a second campus.We are not building out there yet, but it’s a beautiful spot.Many volunteers have worked hard to clear the property.There is a lake, they have set up a prayer garden, picnic tables and a swing, even a horse shoe pit.We have used the property for our Easter sunrise service, our bible study group has had a picnic there, this past Halloween they ha…