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Gem has a little ritual that she does for mommy and daddy some days.When we drop her off at Nana’s house in the mornings she will insist that she give us candy before we leave.Most days we have time for this and others I can feel myself getting irritated inside because we are running late.Mother has a bowl of candy she keeps on the book shelf by the front door just for this.One time I tried to hand Gem the bowl of candy and she was quite upset that I didn’t know that was not my job, it was Nana’s.Well, now I know.Mother will set the bowl of candy on the rug in front of the door.Mommy and daddy will stand there with the door open ready to leave for work while Gem kneels down and picks out a piece of candy for each of us.She always kneels down, and she always has a specific piece of candy that she will give us.If she we don’t get just the right one she will go back and change it.Do you get how precise she is in all this?After we have our special pieces of candy she gladly says bye to us…

Deep Waters

The other morning my hubby came in from taking the dog out and said, “There a dead rat in our pool.”“How big is it?” I asked.He held out his hands to a pretty good size, and I said to him, “Without the tail?!?!”If that was the case this is a good size rat and I had to see for myself.It was still dark out there so I turned on the patio light and looked at the mass floating in our pool.I looked and looked, and didn’t see a tail.Then I saw a little foot do a dog paddle motion!I looked a little closer and saw that it was a bunny!I hollered at my hubby, “It’s not a rat!It’s a bunny, and I think it’s still alive!”Having worked at a Vet for a couple of years I am pretty sympathetic when it comes to stuff like this.I walk over to where the bunny was facing me and bent down.As I bent down this little guy paddled over to me like he knew that I was there to help him.We got a deflated raft and slipped it under him to pull him out.He was very cold, but had kept his head out of the water.We have no…

Salt Life


"Good Lies"

Sitting around my Mother’s kitchen table we were just talking about this and that, and looking at the newest crochet patterns she had just received.Gem had not had a nap and she was pretty…sensitive?Yes, that’s a good word to describe it.One minute she was all smiles and the next she was a whining little Gem.She stood up in her chair, which is not allowed, and acted like she was going to sit on Nana’s lap, but instead she sat on the table, which is also not allowed.Nana looked at her and asked her if she was sitting on the table with an undertone of you know you’re not supposed to be up there.Gem looked at her and said, “No.”Seeing an opportunity for me to point out that she had just told a lie I said something.“Gem, you just told Nana a lie because you ARE sitting on the table.Lies are bad, and we don’t want to tell lies to people.”She got off the table and turned to me.With a grin she looked at me and said, “We only tell good lies.”Imagine a deer in the headlights...that was the loo…

Clutter, and clutter, and clutter....OH MY!

While I was at work the other morning I grabbed my purse to get my hair brush out, and while I was looking for my brush I found everything but the kitchen sink, then I found my brush.“Good grief” I thought…I didn’t even know I had this stuff in my purse.
Being the picture taking person that I am here ya go.