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Midnight Moments

Every Mama knows the moment I’m about to describe.It’s midnight or a little after, you are snuggled up warm and cozy in your bed and a little voice breaks through on the baby monitor, “Mommy!”Your eyes spring open, and you lay there a moment, hoping and praying that your little gem drifts back to sleep.Sometimes the Lord answers those prayers and sometimes…He doesn’t.This particular EARLY morning He did not.
“Mommy...I need to go potty!” Squeaks a sleepy voice at me.In my world that usually means that she’s already gone potty and her bed usually wet.I roll my pregnant self out of bed stepping on a Big Bird stuffed animal she left in our room the night before, and I make my way to my folding table…which in my house is my dining room table.Feeling through my load of towels that I washed, but didn’t put away, and I locate my robe.“Mommy…I need to go potty!” She says a little more awake and upset.Chasing myself in a circle looking for my tie to tie my robe, like a dog chasing its tail, she…