Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Land of Ten Thousand Hugs

Small children really are precious.  Yes, I know they all have their moments, but when you have their attention, and you look into those little eyes you can see love, excitement, faith, hope, their crazy streaks, and their souls.  They are precious, amazing, and so shapeable.  Here’s what the Lord revealed to me this week through my Gems from God… 

Bed time is always a struggle.  I keep telling my gems when they get older they’ll want to go to bed…”Just wait…you’ll see.” I say.  I don’t know if little boys are like this, maybe at certain ages, but little girls can never get enough hugs!  I mean really…how many hugs can you want?!  I feel bad for feeling like that some nights, but asking for “one more hug” is stalling method they have learned that works…how can you say no to a hug?  Especially when they call to you in those sweet little voices, “Mommy, Daddy, hug me, hug me!” 

Dropping them off at school is another instance where they can’t get enough hugs.  Some days it’s just one, but like today…it was 4 or 5 or 6…I actually lost count.
Anyway, I say all that and yet…there have been times when I’ve said no…

I can’t help but think of how I’ve reacted some days when they’ve asked for those 10,000 hugs.  I was irritated, annoyed, in a hurry so I didn’t have time for just “one more hug”, I was rude…telling them they needed to “Go to sleep!”  or “Quit stalling!”  I know…I’m a terrible mother.  But God’s grace can cover that. #itsnotanexcuse  Days come and go so fast the older you get too, and every time I’ve done that I’ve kicked myself afterwards, and depending on if they were asleep or not I would go back in and rectify the situation.  I would apologize for not giving another hug and would give an extra-long hug to make up for my attitude. 

It’s funny…because looking back I see that if I would have kept a peaceful spirit with them, stopped thinking about just myself, and given every single one of the 10,000 hugs they wanted, I would have actually saved myself time, and heart ache.    

The Lord is always revealing Himself to me through my children, and in this case how He is towards me, and how I should be towards my children.  Never does He say to me when I call to Him 10,000 times, “Just go to sleep!”  Never does He say, “I’m too busy for you right now.” Or “I am so annoyed at your behavior…leave me alone!”  None of that…thank goodness!  And that’s how I should treat my children…or should I say His children He has given to me to raise on this earth.  Our babies will look to us as an example of God.  If their earthly parents treat them harshly all the time how is their Heavenly parent going to treat them?  Our babies are just like us, they have needs and wants just like us…the biggest difference is how they act out when those needs and wants happen…or…at least there should be a difference between the way I act and the way my children act.  It’s my job, my duty, my honor to teach these precious little ones how to act, how to take care of themselves, and most importantly…to teach them and show them the kind of love God has for those who are His children. 

Let me to encourage you today sweet friends…God is patient. God is awesome!  God is loving.  Be patient with your babies, be awesome with your babies, and be loving towards them.  Pursue them with relentless love…even when you feel like you don’t have the time, or you’re just annoyed by them or the day or whatever you are facing today.  Show them they are in a safe place with you just like you are with God when we call on Him 10,000 times.  Show them that living in the Land of 10,000 Hugs is the place they want to be and the place where you want to be with them.

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