Clutter, and clutter, and clutter....OH MY!

While I was at work the other morning I grabbed my purse to get my hair brush out, and while I was looking for my brush I found everything but the kitchen sink, then I found my brush.  “Good grief” I thought…I didn’t even know I had this stuff in my purse. 

Being the picture taking person that I am here ya go. 

Hair brush, note pad, sunglasses, pencil, Pluto, plastic snake thing, toy rings, paint sponge, tissues, hair ties, glasses cleaner, church notes, lip stick, lip gloss, a pair of Gem’s pants, a Jazzercise magnet, and a blue crochet hook.  My sister and my niece would be proud of me for that last one, check out their blogs here...Sister's Blog & Niece's BlogAlso, I found a TON of receipts, but ya’ll didn’t need to see that mess.  This got me thinking about my house.  Now, I am a women who is not very good at keeping a tidy house.  I am not good at keeping up with cleaning anything except myself and my daughter.  This is something that’s always on my mind and it’s something I’m trying hard to change.  I’ve got clutter, and clutter, and clutter…OH MY!  Now, I know most people have an area that is clutter filled, but for my house it’s in EVERY ROOM.  Having Gem around has really made me start kicking myself in the tush to get things in order.  Children are a great mirror, and I’m not liking what I see.  I don’t want her developing my bad habits.  I have now come to understand that my house is something that the Lord has given me to steward, and I have not been a good steward at all, but together we are making changes.

Having all this external clutter around makes me see all the internal clutter I have lying around too.  All the internal clutter that I didn’t even know was there until I needed something.  Then I started looking for it and I see all that “stuff” that I had never put away.  That leaves me open to attack from the enemy.  Our minds are something I believe the enemy has captive.  The way we think and how we perceive things as believers is vital to our witness to others.  If we are not thinking differently and perceiving things differently people see it in our lives. "Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires." Romans 8:5 NIV  Our internal lives are vital.  If we are thinking bad thoughts and feeding bad habits it comes out in our lives.  How we talk to people, how we treat people, and how we see people.  The same goes for good thoughts and good habits.   

Here are some questions I’ve asked myself…What am I watering my mind with?  Who do I socialize with?  What do I listen too?   Who do I listen too?  What am I watching on TV?  What am I reading?  What do my friends post on Facebook that I see?  What do I post on Facebook?  What internet sites do I frequent?  Especially in today’s world with how easily everything is accessible we must have boundaries.  When we stumble we have to clean up our mess put things away, and we must have our “cleaning supplies” on hand, or should I say ‘in mind’.  Keeping the Word in our minds and available to us is a big part of the battle.  EVERYDAY we must put on our armor.  (Ephesians 6:10-18) Being a good steward of our minds is so crucial.  This is a battle that is not going to be won until we are standing in front of our Father in heaven so get ready.


Peace, Love, and God Bless





  1. No more truthful words have been spoken than when we're told to guard our hearts and minds. A good message for today's world and our children. <3

    1. Thank you sissy :) This is something I think about all the time.


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