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Happy Easter everyone!  He is risen!  My family and I enjoyed a sunrise service with our church this morning.  That is where I snapped this picture :) I love taking pictures...of anything so you might see some silly things from me from time to time.  Here is a Gem the Lord gave me earlier this week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I couldn't stop crying. God’s love is so amazing. The Lord gave me a sweet vision of his love for me this week. When Jesus died on the cross and he said, “It is finished.” That’s exactly what he meant. Through my faith in Jesus Christ the Father sees me through Jesus. I am in Him. He sees me and says, “This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased.” Then the vision of Gem greeting me when I pick her up from Nana’s house. Arms open wide, huge smile on her face, and then she calls my name as she knows me, “Mommy!” She doesn’t look at me, at least right now, and see my sin, my pride, my selfishness, she sees her “Mommy” whom she loves and who loves he…

Seeing Jesus in Easter Eggs

This is my attempt at a blog :)  hopefully you can find encouragement here to look for Gems from God in your everyday life.  Please enjoy my first post about my daughter Gem (22 months old) and her first experience hunting Easter eggs, and how the Lord spoke to me through my little Gem from God.
Thinking back about this past Wednesday when Gem and I were at Mother’s.We dyed eggs and did an egg hunt.Not really hiding them of course, just placing them here and there on the grass along the path we would lead her on.We gave her a basket, lined with paper towels, I turned on my video camera on my phone and off we went to the back yard.“Gem look for the Easter eggs, find them baby, do you see any?” I said to her as we walked.Her eyes darted here and there looking for those eggs, eager and excited, hopeful that she would find one.Then seeing one ahead of us on the grass, her eyes lit up and she ran to the egg, “Found one!” she screamed and laughed.Putting that egg in the basket she looked bac…